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DGMK-Event Geo-Energy Systems and Subsurface Technologies

DGMK/GS SPE WebSeminar: The Geothermal Power Spectrum - a Project Planning Guide for Newcomers and Practitioners

16.00 - 17.00
Zoom (online)


Deep geothermal energy has so far been a niche application, but it offers the potential for a significant contribution, especially to the heat transition in Germany - e.g., as a base-load-capable heat source for a municipal district heating network. This offers opportunities for climate-neutral, secure supply, although exploration, drilling and other risks must be addressed early and in a structured manner for successful project planning. Many projects are stand-alone and therefore first-time projects by the operator - whether by a municipal company or an industrial company for its own use. This means an increased need for information and support especially on the "upstream" aspects of such a project. Therefore, within the framework of a BVEG project group, the "Range of services Geothermal energy" was developed as a structured planning aid for deep geothermal energy projects in Germany - especially as an aid for potential operators to efficiently and successfully implement such a complex project. This web seminar highlights motivations, findings and results of this work.


Ingo Forstner coordinates the activities of the Bundesverband Erdgas, Erdöl und Geoenergie e.V. (BVEG) on deep geothermal energy and underground storage. Together with experts primarily from member companies, he develops, among other things, technical standards and other assistance for these industries. He is one of the authors of the recently published Geothermal Power Spectrum. Before joining BVEG, the mechanical engineer worked for Baker Hughes for 20 years in various positions and countries, mostly in the field of drilling engineering. Ingo Forstner has also been involved for many years with the Society of Petroleum Engineers in various functions in Germany and internationally to bring technical knowledge to men and women.

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Dr. Susanne Kuchling

Head of the Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies Department