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DGMK-Event Geo-Energy Systems and Subsurface Technologies

DGMK/GS SPE WebSeminar: everwave's holistic approach to close the plastic loop

16:00 - 17:00
Zoom (online)


The organisation everwave is a social enterprise with the Vision of a responsible society for healthy oceans and the Mission to clean rivers of plastic and waste and thus protect the ocean, through technological innovation, ecological inspiration and holistic educational approaches - for a sustainable future.

Technological innovation focuses on a combination of active and passive cleanup technologies for rivers that prevent waste from entering the oceans. The flexible and AI-supported garbage collection boats are able to clean up waste hotspots in the larger environment - even in places that are difficult to access. The waste is then recycled by mechanical, thermochemical and biotechnological processes into new products.  

Ecological Inspiration comprises raising public awareness for the global plastic crisis and promoting solutions through environmental education, interactive events and creative PR activities with international outreach. This includes high quality education material, a website and linked social media channels, interviews and media coverages in news portals and tele-vision as well as presentations, information stands and special events.

About the Lecturer

Jacqueline Plaster is Project Manager with focus on Recycling, Upcycling and Circular Economy at everwave GmbH. She has studied Biotechnology at the University of Applied Science Aachen (B.Sc.) and RWTH Aachen University (M.Sc.).

When passion and work go together, you find solutions to any problem!

Since working with microorganisms capable of converting plastics (PET, PU) into bioplastics (PHA) during her master's thesis, she has been fascinated with playing a part in solving one of the biggest challenges of our time: closing the plastic loop - from collection to reuse, reduce and recycling, education and raising awareness.

Her greatest strengths are holistic and sustainable thinking, adaptability and flexibility in work and lifestyle, without losing sight of the goal. She loves to see the big picture to solve problems in the long term and combine structured & organizational thinking with creativity and intuition. As an international project manager, she finds it exciting to understand how different countries' work styles differ and how to combine strengths to work in a WE-Q mode. Her professional interests include plastic collection, sorting, recycling and upcycling, waste management in general, developing approaches to sustainable and resilient solutions and cross-cultural and global working.

The WebSeminar is supported by:

Event Coordinator

Dr. Susanne Kuchling

Head of the Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies Department

Ines Musekamp

Coordination of the Department Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies