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DGMK-Event Geo-Energy Systems and Subsurface Technologies

DGMK/GS SPE WebSeminar: Rotary kilns, the overlooked alternative?

16.00 - 17.00
Zoom (online)


Rotary kilns have been in use for many decades and are proven technology. They are often used behind closed doors for the production of basic materials (e.g. pigments, foodstuffs). In the energy or waste sector, there were also plants in Germany that were in operation for more than 30 years, but were also shut down for reasons of age.

Due to the new requirement "CircularEconomy" or quite currently "Substitution of fossil energy sources", this proven technology suddenly gets completely new opportunities, which will be presented in the lecture. The participants can expect a delimitation of the possible processes, as well as opportunities and risks up to the use in Waste2Hydrogen.


Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Gerlach VDI has his roots in production engineering and was infected with rotary kiln technology at MDEU in 1998. He has worked on more than 10 projects for a Cologne-based plant manufacturer, including 5 plants that he personally helped to commission. In 2011 he was awarded for his plant design MINI - Waste2Product. This modular concept was further developed into the larger MIDI plant (nom. 600 - 1000 kg/h). Since 2018, he has been with Modis at CC Leipzig. Current orders are in Turkey (construction), Germany (GV + BE ), Belgium (BE).  

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