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DGMK-Event / She Drives Energy - Network of Women in Energy Technology

Communicating Science Effectively: Shaping Content, Compelling Delivery, and Stress Management

Messe Offenburg-Ortenau GmbH
Schutterwälderstr. 3
Conference Room 1, 77656 Offenburg

We are happy to announce that She Drives Energy will be hosting a workshop on public speaking as a side event at the 2024 GeoTHERM in Offenburg.


How can we best shape scientific content to different audiences?

How to deliver your talk with confidence in a compelling and memorable way?

What strategies can you use to manage stress?

In this interactive workshop, we will address the art of effective science communication through three main themes. We will first cover how to best tailor the content of your presentation to your audience and examine how to break down your research topic complexity to communicate your work in the most effective way. Second, we will practice on delivering your talk effectively and finally, we will discuss how to handle the stress that can arise from the delivery, including the challenging task of answering the audience's questions and comments.

About the speaker

Cécile Deprez is a researcher in satellite positioning at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). She joined the DLR in 2020, after four years of research at the University of Liège, in Belgium, focusing on Galileo, the European positioning system. At DLR, Cécile co-founded and leads several community-building networks for women and gender minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals and international employees. Cécile is active as a public speaker on a variety of topics such as sexism and microaggressions, allyship, visibility of women in STEM, and the art of communicating science. Additionally, Cécile co-founded and manages a Belgian initiative calling out sexist advertising on social media and has served for 1.5 years as the coordinator of the Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) working group on Visibility of Women Experts in STEM.


Please use the registration form below to register for the event. She Drives Energy members are given preference when registering. We are looking forward to seeing you in Offenburg!

Event Coordinator

Dr. Susanne Kuchling

Head of the Geo-Energy-Systems and Subsurface Technologies Department

Helen Werner

Scientific Officer of the Department of Geo-Energy Systems and Underground Technologies