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Chemical Recycling - Beyond Thermal Use of Plastic and other Waste

Online Event (MS Teams)
Conference Language: English

The Conference is jointly organized by the DGMK Divisions "Petrochemistry" and "Conversion of Carbon Carriers", the Division of Industrial Chemistry of the Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) and the ÖGEW Österreichische Gesellschaft für Energiewissenschaften.

This conference brings together experts from industry and academia. A unique feature of this conference over the years is the high participation from industry, representing roughly one third of the delegates. This makes this conference an ideal platform for networking. The Conference will address both scientific and technical issues such as:
Chemical recycling, value-added products from plastic waste, logistics of plastics recycling, separation technologies, polyolefins functionalization, regulatory issues and many other topics.

Abstracts on both fundamental studies and applied research around the above topicswill be highly welcome.
English will be the Conference language throughout. The scientific program will consist of keynote lectures (upon invitation only) by renowned experts in the field, oral presentations and poster presentations. There will be no parallel sessions and ample time will be allowed for discussion. The preprints with the manuscripts of keynote, oral and poster presentations will be handed out in electronic form to registered participants only at the Conference desk.

Topics of Keynote Lectures

  • Qualities of Waste Plastics & other carbon containing Waste Streams
  • Processes for Waste Conversion into Valuable Products
  • Thermodynamics and Energy Efficiency of Waste Processing
  •  Strategic Topics (Raw Material Substitution, Waste Removal, GHG Avoidance, Regulatory Frameworks, others)

Scientific Committee

Division of Petrochemistry

Dr. Michael Bender, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
Dr. Holger Blanke, BP Europa SE, Bochum
Dr. Harald Häger, Evonik PerformanceMaterials GmbH, Marl, Germany
Prof. Dr. Dieter Vogt, Dortmund University of Technology

Division of Conversion of Carbon Carriers

Tilman Bechthold, RWE Power AG, Essen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Epple, Darmstadt University of Technology
Dr. Steffen Krzack, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
JProf. Alba Diéguez-Alonso, University of Magdeburg

Event report
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Event Coordinator

Dr. Gesa Netzeband

Head of Petrochemistry and Conversion of Carbon Carriers

Ines Musekamp

Coordination petrochemistry and conversion of carbon carriers