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DGMK-Event / She Drives Energy - Network of Women in Energy Technology

New date! After Work Event Berlin: Electromobility & USER-CHI

16:00 - 18:00
Georgenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin

The women's network She Drives Energy invites you to an after-work event in Berlin. We can expect an exciting presentation by Claudia Baumgartner and Sara Meylahn on the future of electromobility and the USER-CHI project. In addition to space for questions and exchange, there will be the opportunity to network afterwards over drinks and snacks.

Brief introduction - USER CHI - Project:

The aim of future mobility is to further advance electromobility in Europe. To this end, the EU research project USER CHI (2020 - 2024) is implementing electric mobility projects in five major European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Turku). A central theme is to enable simple and comprehensive charging in Europe in order to make future mobility in Europe greener, smarter and more user-friendly.

The basis for this is the INCAR app implemented by VMZ, which is used in all USER CHI cities. Gewobag and VMZ are working closely together in Berlin. The common goal is to use the INCAR app to implement advanced e-charging parking services in Gewobag's semi-public parking spaces. The INCAR app gives users in densely populated areas of Berlin easy and convenient access to charging and parking infrastructure. It shows the availability of charging stations that can be reserved in advance, provides access to Gewobag's private parking spaces and enables the billing of charging and parking processes.

As part of the After Work Event, Claudia Baumgartner and Sara Meylahn will present the EU project USER CHI and report on the implementation of the e-charging parking services of the INCAR app as well as on the future expansion of Gewobag's charging infrastructure to strengthen electromobility in Berlin.

The speakers

Claudia Baumgartner is Senior Project Manager at VMZ Berlin. She has worked for many years in German and European research projects, on the basis of which the VMZ's multimodal mobility platforms and e-mobility products were developed. 

Lena Korostylova is a project manager in the field of mobility services at VMZ Berlin and works actively on urban mobility. She manages national and international projects for the implementation of mobility monitors and research projects aimed at making transportation sustainable and conscious.

Sara Meylahn works at Gewobag as a "commercial consultant with a focus on mobility" and is responsible, among other things, for equipping Gewobag's portfolio with charging infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of tenants with economical charging solutions and to strengthen electromobility in Berlin.



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We are looking forward to seeing you!

Event Coordinator

Helen Werner

Scientific Officer of the Department of Geo-Energy Systems and Underground Technologies