DGMK German Society for Petroleum and Coal
Science and Technology 

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The purpose of DGMK

The purpose of DGMK is to promote and advance science, research, technology
and continuing education relating to fossil fuels in the  following sections:

* Exploration, Drilling, Production and Storage of Hydrocarbons;
* Petroleum Refining and Product Application;
* Petrochemistry;
* Coal and Biomass Processing.

DGMK's Activities

DGMK serves as a forum for petroleum professionals by:

* Combining professional expertise from universities, industry, and
   administration in joint research projects;
* Organizing conferences in order to provide exchange of scientific
   and technical information and knowledge;
* Promoting any type of suitable national and international professional
   cooperation between individuals and institutions. To facilitate this intention
   DGMK is a full member of various national and international professional

* Assisting in directing new petroleum and coal technology to a variety of uses by
   cultivating transfer of innovations from universities to industry and feeding
   back practical experience into academic research and teaching.

Furthermore specific  standardization  function is assigned to another body supported by DGMK:

* FAM German Standardization Committee on Petroleum Products and Lubricants;

Members of DGMK

All DGMK-activities are carried out on the basis of the members (about 1.900).
Application for membership is open to everybody - either individual or
company/institution related to hydrocarbon academia or industry.